Waves 21®

Aesthetic massage using cold, color and metameric stimulation

A completely new methodology in the aesthetic field: metameric stimulation combined with cold treatment with VIOLET and RED LEDs.

Metameric stimulation

Two handles, with adjustable power, are used, through which a stimulation with a sinusoidal waveform is emitted. Electric current is generated with particular frequencies corresponding to the Beta and Gamma frequencies.


Metameres are 11 muscle groups located on the back, each linked to a particular region of innervation. There is a reflex zone that corresponds to an organ or a group of organs, connected directly to the metamere thanks to the nervous system. The instability of an internal organ is reflected on the corresponding zone in the form of skin and muscle tension or beauty problem.


Stimulate metameres to create, through the nervous system, actions aimed at restoring and balancing some bodily activities and, consequently, help to improve and reduce the beauty problem.

Cold treatment and colours

A large surface, a diffused and pleasant cold all over the body.

Two handles are available: inside the first handle there is a single color: violet, inside the second is red.


  • facilitates the balance between sodium and potassium at cellular level
  • relaxes and decompresses nerves and muscles
  • stimulates lymphatic system and venous return
  • reduces the sense of anxiety


  • strengthens the muscles
  • moisturizes the skin
  • stimulates the defenses

Waves 21 is added to the range of devices present, completing the working possibilities, because, in addition to the use of a technology already known and working as the cold treatment and the effects of the colors, it has been added a unique treatment. This treatment works with a wave form well recognized by our body and with particular frequencies which go in synergy with the frequencies emitted by the body during different daily activities. Well-being, therefore, will not only be found physically in the area where beauty problems are located but also in terms of energy, with a strong perception of an internal rebalancing that will improve and strengthen all our bodily functions day after day.
The combined action of the two techniques allows us to obtain visible and tangible results from the first application, in a comfortable and non-invasive way.


Treatment safety

The treatment is painless, there is a sensation of cold and, sometimes, at the end of the session, the treated area will have widespread redness.


The results are visible and measurable from the first application and long lasting.
The number of sessions varies according to the extension of the beauty problem.
REAL pictures NOT digitally processed.