21 Equipment – Bioengineering

at the service of beauty, aesthetics, and wellness

21 Equipment is a leading Italian company operating in Beauty, Aesthetic and Well-being fields, focused on improving people’s life through technological aesthetic innovations and high-level customized cosmetic.

It produces and distributes highly advanced technologies dedicated to you and your beauty problems.

Years of Experience

Our mission is to transmit

a first-hand experience

The aim of 21 Equipment is to improve the quality of life of people through technological innovations and high-level customized cosmetic formulations, able to solve the most common aesthetic problems including reshaping of the silhouette, ageing and slackness of skin and muscles, wrinkles and residues from stress and microcirculation.

Our Vision is the continuous

technological investment

Structure of 21 Equipment consists of bioengineers, medical doctors, and specialized staff; a group with a strong experience in the field, able to best pursue its mission. The Company offers to the customers a 360 ° service which includes research, development, and support in skin care products and in aesthetics, creating a winning team!

Research and Innovation at the service

of beauty and wellness

Within the group, specific product lines have been created that include the development and production of devices dedicated to the field of aesthetics, beauty, and psycho-physical wellness, integrated, and enriched with a wide range of cosmetics and dedicated services, which are distinguished by their advanced concept and their elegant design, expression of Made in Italy 100%.