Osmo Therm 21®

Physical treatment by warm-cold massage and stimulation

The thermal action defines the silhouette and not only…

Reshaped body, toned, compact, hydrated, regenerated skin, whatever the season, feeling good and liking yourself is a need. The device exploits the properties of heat and massage at low temperatures to combat beauty problems that require skin remodeling and toning and at the same time envelops the client in a warm embrace of well-being alternating with a fresh and vitalizing sensation.
The immediate thermal action, with a consequent increase in enzymatic and metabolic activity, promotes the elimination of toxins, and uses the normal energy source for muscle contractile activity.

The device is equipped with a series of innovative programs that combine different sequences of treatments using four specific technologies: low temperature massage, warm massage and two programs with electric currents (PH 21 and micro currents).

Remodeling-elasticizing action

The massage generates pleasant effects and real benefits on the body such as: it speeds up blood flow in the microcirculation, eliminates the stagnation of liquids in the capillaries with consequent improvement of interstitial exchanges. The increase in metabolism has a trophic action, not only tissue nourishment, but also oxygenation. The mechanism of metabolism exchange and activation can promote detoxification, improving the silhouette.
Finally, heat and low temperatures have important activation properties of the active ingredients contained in cosmetic products.

Regenerating-toning action

This treatment, with an extraordinary lifting effect, counteracts slack skin on face and body. By raising and lowering the temperature of the existing connective tissue and activating the fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin, there is a completely natural effect of compacting and stretching the tissues. This will also reduce wrinkles and signs of aging, rejuvenating the face.

Draining and detoxifying action

The hot-low temperature massage facilitates the elimination of catabolic waste and excess liquids, so as to allow the indispensable disposal of toxins.

Benefits to the body:

Increased elasticity of the tissues
Stimulation of microcirculation
Restoring mobility to tissues
Helps detoxify the body
Reoxygenation of the skin
Wrinkle reduction
Support of lymphatic return
Disposal of toxins
Softening of connective tissue
Decreased swelling and edema
Increased firmness of the dermis
Moisturizing and elasticizing the skin of the face and neck

Chemical and mechanical effects

The chemical action, with modification of the permeability of cell membranes and with molecular changes, is caused by the considerable acceleration forces to which the particles of the tissues are subjected to the passage of electric currents.
The mechanical action is due to the movement of the particles of the tissues crossed by the currents, to the increase in permeability and to the movement of liquids in the presence of micro currents.

Treatment safety

The treatment is pleasant and painless.

Osmo Therm 21® Results

The results are visible and measurable from the first application and long lasting.
The number of sessions varies according to the extension of the beauty problem.
REAL pictures NOT digitally processed.