Face 21®

Facial Beauty Treatment by warm massage and stimulation

Face 21® exploits the properties of heat to combat beauty problems due to skin slackness and at the same time envelops the client in a warm embrace of well-being.

The device is equipped with a series of innovative programs that combine different sequences of treatments using three specific technologies: warm massage and two programs with electric currents (PH 21 and micro currents).

Skin and muscles increase their condition through the elimination of metabolic waste and of built-up tension stress.

Three phases

Thermal action

Derived from hot massage, it works on the existing connective tissue and activates the fibroblasts to produce new collagen and new elastin.
FACE 21 has a completely natural tissue compacting and tensioning effect. This will also reduce wrinkles and signs of aging, rejuvenating the face


They stimulate the processes of positive oedema, drawing water from the deepest layers of the hypodermis to increase the proliferation of fibroblasts, fundamental cells to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

PH 21

Thanks to special waveforms, it induces the opening of electrosensitive channels outside the physiological ones, increasing the skin surface permeability up to 80 percent.
This phenomenon makes it possible to convey in depth the active ingredients, specially prepared for this type of treatment, present in the products of the 21  and 21mila cosmetic lines.
Macropores are so able to push through without difficulty even large molecules (such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc.) and only polar and non-ionized substances.
The molecules of 21 Equipment lines products are all micronized.

Face 21® Goals

Firming, lifting, and facial toning and compacting.

This treatment has also an extraordinary lifting effect, counteracts the facial skin slackness. By raising the temperature of the existing connective tissue and activating the fibroblasts to produce new Collagen and new Elastin, a completely natural tissue compacting and tensioning effect is obtained. This will also reduce wrinkles and signs of aging, rejuvenating the face.

It helps the skin in case of:

Bags and shadows
Dark circles
Skin discoloration
Skin slackness


Increased elasticity of the tissues
Support of lymphatic return
Stimulation of microcirculation
Disposal of toxins
Restoring mobility to tissues
Softening of connective tissue
Re-oxygenation of the skin
Increased firmness of the dermis
Anti-aging lifting and rejuvenating effect

Treatment safety

The treatment is pleasant and painless.

Face 21® Results

I risultati sono visibili e misurabili dalla prima applicazione e stabili nel tempo. Il numero delle sedute varia secondo l’entità dell’inestetismo da trattare. Queste Immagini REALI, senza alcuna elaborazione digitale mediante fotomontaggio.