Easy 21®

Massage & Vibration

Everything vibrates in the universe. Man is also struck by this reality, which manifests itself outside and within him.
Vibration is a life force.
Humans can perceive two types of vibrations, the beneficial one that physiologically brings the human body back into harmony and the harmful one, for example, a very stressful event.

What is vibration?

The term “vibration” describes an oscillatory movement around a reference position at regular intervals. The number of complete cycles completed during the unit of time, one second, is called frequency. Frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz). The Hertz defines how many oscillations (vibrations) occur in one second.
It uses different active frequencies of stimulation and sound, with which, it helps to stimulate; activating, draining, normalizing, fortifying, oxygenating, regulating, rebalancing the different physical functions and the Chakras.

Easy 21® is also heat

The device exploits the properties of heat to combat the beauty problems like skin slackness and, at the same time, envelops the client in a warm embrace of well-being alternated with a vitalizing vibration.

The immediate thermal action helps muscle contractile activity, with consequent increase in enzymatic and metabolic activity.


Stimulation of microcirculation
Dermal toning and skin and muscle remodeling
Restoration of cellular metabolic functions, with increased reproductive functions
Restoration and balance of the activities of the body
Harmonization of bodily functions
Skin regeneration
Increased oxygenation
Psycho-physical wellbeing

Treatment safety

The treatment is pleasant and painless.

Easy 21® Results

The results are visible and measurable from the first application and long lasting.
The number of sessions varies according to the extension of the beauty problem.
REAL pictures NOT digitally processed.