This document intends to define the legal obligations and moral values that identify the scope of the ethi-cal and social responsibilities of each person who collaborates with the Company 21 Equipment S.r.l.; these general principles are the bases of operating procedures and guidelines that must be implemented within 21 EQUIPMENT by all the recipients of this document.

The applicability of this Code of Ethics extends to administrators, employees, suppliers and subcontrac-tors, consultants, distributors and their collaborators and all those who, directly or indirectly, permanent-ly or temporarily, establish relationships with 21 EQUIPMENT and co-operate to pursue their objectives.


General ethical principles

21 EQUIPMENT conducts its business in compliance with EU, national and international regulations, reject-ing any illegal practice with particular attention to the prevention of regulatory and legislative compliance related to its products and processes, as well as the regulations on accident prevention and Occupational Health and Safety.

21 EQUIPMENT does not justify any conduct which do not comply with the current legislation, the present Code of Ethics or internal regulations, and sanctions such contrary behavior according to C.C.N.L./ Status of workers / termination clauses in the Contracts.

21 EQUIPMENT considers as a key factor the performance of professional services by employees and col-laborators of the Company according to diligence, accuracy and professionalism, in order to provide cus-tomers with services and products characterized by a high level of quality.

21 EQUIPMENT considers the following values to be fundamental for the Company: seriousness, correct-ness and professional honesty (compliance with formal and non-formal agreements); the impartiality of treatment in the conduct of every relationship, both internal and external to the Company.

21 EQUIPMENT considers the individual, his/her values and rights, as intangible values to be protected, and undertakes to avoid any discrimination based on age, sex, sexual orientation, health status, race, na-tionality, political opinions and religious beliefs.

21 EQUIPMENT also considers its image and reputation to be values that must be protected and devel-oped through the full diffusion, sharing and observance of the ethical and behavioral principles contained in this Code.


For Suppliers of goods and services

All suppliers of goods and services have been identified and selected by 21 EQUIPMENT with absolute impartiality, autonomy and independence of judgment, taking into consideration also the conscious shar-ing of the same ethical principles on Quality, Environment and Safety.

21 EQUIPMENT considers any behavior contrary to the principles expressed in this Code of Ethics, as a se-rious breach of the duties of correctness and good faith in the performance of the Contract, as well good damaging the fiduciary relationship, and cause for termination of contractual relationships.

All suppliers, during their relationships with 21 EQUIPMENT, undertake to operate in compliance with the mandatory and binding regulations, the principles of this Code of Ethics and internal procedures, where applicable, and to send the documentation and certifications requested, in the maximum spirit of collabo-ration, with the aim of guaranteeing the highest level of safety, reliability and functionality of our prod-ucts.