C-Life 21®

The way to stop skin ageing

C- Life 21® was designed to obtain better, faster and quicker results compared to those achieved by normal beauty treatments. To give life to our cells, to wake them up from their slumber of years and to stop aging is the dream of everybody but also a dream of every producer of beauty equipment.

C-Life 21® rules: do not be invasive, be pleasant and practical, give excellent results

It is created from the association of three techniques:


  • They stimulate processes of positive oedema, attracting water from the deeper layers of the hypodermis in order to increase proliferation of fibroblasts, essential cells that produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid fibers.

PH 21
  • Thanks to special waveforms, it creates electrosensitive channels called hydrophilic macropores in addition to physiological ones, already present on the skin. This technique permits to convey in depth active ingredients, specially prepared for this type of treatment and present in the products of the two cosmetic line: 21 line and 21mila line.

  • Through the induction of heat into inner layers of the skin, collagen fibers change their original structure. These fibres become shorter and more filled, giving as result an effect of better support to the dermis and making the tissues more compact.


The effects on the skin layers

The effects of C-Life 21® allow to treat:

  • 1Skin ageing
  • 2Wrinkles
  • 3Stretch marks
  • 4Tissue slackness
  • 5Adiposity
  • 6Reshaping and toning




The results are visible and measurable from the first application and long lasting.

The number of sessions depends on the extension of beauty problem.

REAL pictures NOT digitally processed